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Getting the Job: QA (Testing)

Getting into the game industry can be very difficult, even with good skills. The guidance and advice section will give you more direct advice on what you'll need to be good at and which areas to concentrate on in order to significantly improve your chances.

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QA Overview

See the job role sections below for specific details about getting each job:

QA Testing

Being a QA Technician in the games industry doesn't usually require any core qualifications, although some companies do ask for the standard 5 GCSEs at grade C or above. A suitable candidate would be an enthusiastic individual who enjoy playing games and understands how important quality is in the final product. Companies will also look at the applicant's skills and qualifications in other areas of the industry such as art, programming, etc to see where the individual can develop their career.

Some of the skills required for a QA Technician role are:

  • Ability to demonstrate excellent communication skills.
  • Must be thorough in their approach to problem solving and able to function independently when required.
  • Needs to be comfortable working to deadlines.
  • Able to fit into a dynamic and creative team environment.
  • Attention to detail is essential and all tasks must be carried out to the highest standard.
  • Methodical, organised, diplomatic, self-starter.
  • Mature professional attitude and work ethic.
  • A good knowledge of games helps.

Best Tip
Being a QA Technician also requires a high level of 'gaming stamina' as you will be testing a title for several months in a row and it may also be a game that you would not normally play or purchase. Another very important aspect of the role is knowing the difference between playing a game and testing a game; this is one of the key aspects of being a good, productive QA Technician.

Submission Guidelines

Most companies will ask QA applicants to complete a game report that will showcase their skills. Some companies may also ask the candidate to complete a games knowledge test, which will help them display their knowledge and experience of games.

At Blitz Games Studios we've created our own game report that we ask applicants to submit with their CV or application form. Remember to be open, honest and express your own views - not just those you may have read in a game review.

If the candidate is successful in getting to the second interview stage, during their interview we will ask the candidate to fill out our own games knowledge test and also let the candidate play-test an older game developed by Blitz. They will of course be asked to record any bugs they find, bust just as importantly we want to see what methodology they use and how they go about structuring their testing.


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